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someday… one day… 12/26/2006

December 26, 2006 Leave a comment

One day I will be more collected. I will be more calm and well planned. One day I will be more financially stable. One day I will be, in real life, what I am at work: neat, organized, detailed, exacting, surpassing expectations and prepared. I will do my “homework”. I will know exactly what I want and be exactly where I hoped. I will sleep better and drink less. I will be less concerned with the little things and more concerned with the things that matter. Right now, I’m content being late to everything, procrastinating til the last possible moment, not paying attn to details as I know I should, always running somewhere but not always getting anywhere, not saving even though I should be, drinking soda too often even though it’s not good for me, not exercising even though I know my body needs it… I like being spontaneous and doing more than is possible in one day… I like going to bed late… I am always tired. I will change my outfit 10 times before going out and I am always 10 minutes late. I will wear the wrong shoes. I cuss way too much. I will never be able to find my keys or, sometimes, my purse. I am always “fine”…. 10:44 AM

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