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i finally realized 1/2/2007

(yes i stole this one too)

i finally realized… i must be undateable… i must just not being doing something right… i move too fast, i jump to quick, i want to be caught up in the moment, i want to snuggle and be superhappy with the one i’m with, i dont want to miss a thing or regret anything, so i move too fast…

i do what i want and i desperately want what i do… but i dont understand why it’s not good enough?  why is it that whoever i date is never mine… no, i dont date ppl that are taken at the time but i never end up with them to keep… i want to meet someone awesome… and since i think i’m awesome (which i know i am…)  why is it so difficult to make it work…

i probably need to slow things down, get things together for me.. but why is that so hard for me to justify that to myself…


i posted this to someone else’s blog about ‘when is it the right time to say i love u’… i think it goes along the same lines.. .

i’m the chic who says it too often… the wrong time… any way that makes it the complete wrong thing…  timing is everything… i think i feel it in that blissful new relationship part, i feel it when i’m in the bedroom (with certain ppl), i feel it when i’m watching my significant other sleep, i feel it, i dream it, i say it.. i’d rather say it, feel it, think it… a million times the wrong way then to never say it and pass up an oppty to realize that the other person felt it too… our lives are like pictures… glimpses of time filled with moments that make us who we are… i’d prefer love be a part of that… :)

besides, i live my life with no regrets… i’d regret not saying i love you when i truly mean it… even if it’s unrequited…

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