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what i like about you… simply put… everything… 6/17/2007

it’s the way you hold my hand… it’s the way you kiss my forhead… it’s the way you mold my children to think differently… it’s the way you wipe my tears on my bad day… the way you let me make my choices that i need to… even if it’s not really what you may think best… it’s the way you take care of me with less emphasis on the sexual…  it’s the way you include me in your life in all ways, although it’s not easy…

i like that you make me laugh, that i feel really good when i’m around you, the way you look when your smiling, the day that you said.. ‘this is a smile that’s fulfilled, happy,’ etc., that although i ask you why you like me (only becuz you put me on the spot) you don’t even have to answer… i already know…, the feeling i get when we sleep together nightly, the fact that although my cats make you sick… you still realize how important they are to me… and are good to them for me

i like everything about you…

9:57 PM

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