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some things about my mother.. i miss her dearly 10/25/2007

my mother is missed she is beautiful she was alive and happy (prior to all of this) she was vibrant she was a people pleaser (not always a good thing :) ) she was always a good listening ear (which i miss tremendously) she was good with my wild ones and they adored her she was family that i built traditions with… that will never fade she was my best friend that i talked to daily… she knew everything… and although we fought without reason, she understood me she had a passion to make the best of the situation without fail she had a light in her heart that could be seen for miles she was the one who made me into the road trip person i am today she helped me to recognize the beauty of this world she helped me to understand exactly what it means to be christian daily, even when not everyone accepts you she helped me to find a way to communicate with my brothers even when we have gone through some fallouts she helped me to see that (although i know she didn’t want it) being with someone you love is one thing, but ensuring that this person will take care of you when your ill without question is far more important she will always be remembered in a way that is both sad for the loss and relieved that she got out of the difficult situation that she never would’ve otherwise… she escaped the relationship that destroyed her who she was… 12:03 AM

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