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25 things about me… 10/21/2009 fb

October 21, 2009 Leave a comment

1. I’m hard to get along with… I do my own thing…
2. I’m not a big candy eater… I prefer salty…
3. I love open-minded people, I try to stay that way at all times…
4. I LOVE beach… and if I had the opportunity, I’d be headed back to FL, no question.
5. One day, I hope to be 40 and loving it. Children grown and ready for that next chapter.
6. I’m really not sure I believe in true love anymore… I think this last one really shattered that fairy tale for me.
7. Family is my most important thing… next comes my faith… maybe it should be reversed! :)
8. Owning my business is so wonderful! I wish I could fast-forward three years to see the growth I’ll have experienced.
9. My house is messy because I am busy but it doesn’t mean I enjoy it. I prefer things straightened and organized.
10. I am late, enough said… :)
11. I wake up thinking positive and end the day on the same note… :)
12. I am a go-getter… I will get there, I will reach my goals… on my schedule.
13. Lately, I want things more than ever before… Maybe I’ve hit my mid-life crisis… it can be a little counterproductive…
14. My friends are important to me.
15. Chocolate is my one true love… but I rarely eat it.
16. I am a huge procrastinator… I wish that I wasn’t.
17. I am a workaholic… but really I just need to pay the bills.
18. I can’t imagine my life differently, I’m happy with where we are but it’d be nice to have a partner…
19. I’m a little headstrong… I’m not sure anyone will put up with that… :)
20. I’ve gotten a little addicted to facebook… I’m not sure it’s healthy… but it has proven to be a decent way to stay connected…
21. I’m not a sports fan but I love attending any type of event…
22. I’m a people person but shy at first.
23. On the other hand, I’m better with one-on-one. That’s when people really get to know me. I’m not good at the group thing… I tend to stay quiet…
24. I love animals… I’m a sucker for them really… but I’m terrified of big dogs… even if it’s unreasonable… I wish I could control it.
25. OH MY GOSH, I gotta go… :) Breaktime is over… Last but not least, I LOVE MY CHILDREN! They are fantastic!

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MK day two…

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment

I did it… I jumped in after my full day of accounting work.  (an answer to prayer!)  I ordered some things and I emailed a few of my contacts in order to initiate business.  I actually got started.  I talked to some of my partners in business about possible ways to get inventory… so maybe I’m on my way to actually doing something with this business.   The countdown is on… it’s almost been a month. 

My goal for next week.  Not too agressive but three scheduled facials.  If I can maintain three a week, I think I will reach my goals.  I’m better under pressure.  I probably need to schedule five in order to meet my goal of three… surely I can schedule five… right? 

I can do this!

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my MK adventure

October 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is my attempt at getting started with MK… I hope it works… I’ve been a little hesitant but I have to make the most of it…

I must say I’ve wasted a good couple of weeks contemplating getting started on this thing… truth be told… it’s money… the root of all of my ‘issues’… stupid money! 

I have people who want to order but I can’t afford to front the cost… crap, I can’t afford to drive to their house to pick up the check to place the order then drive out again to deliver the product… I can’t afford the inventory so that I don’t have to front money… where does that leave this opportunity??? Where it started, in a bag in my living room floor… Well, at least it’s out of the box. 

I’m going into this adventure on faith… and I know I’m not the only one to go through this, but gosh, sometimes, I think… can I really keep pushing forward… it’s so frustrating… I know the girls’ are probably a little disappointed that I’m not just jumping out and hounding people for an initial party but that’s just not how I want to do things.  One of the other ladies, said that she didn’t go that route and she’s a director!  I don’t want to be what I feel is pushy… I’m just not okay with that.  I want to go at my own pace.  I expect to be successful but it will take time to get my weekly schedule structured around a MK schedule.  I know this… I’m motivated but I have some adjusting to make in order to fit things in… and I’m okay with that.

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