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my MK adventure

Here is my attempt at getting started with MK… I hope it works… I’ve been a little hesitant but I have to make the most of it…

I must say I’ve wasted a good couple of weeks contemplating getting started on this thing… truth be told… it’s money… the root of all of my ‘issues’… stupid money! 

I have people who want to order but I can’t afford to front the cost… crap, I can’t afford to drive to their house to pick up the check to place the order then drive out again to deliver the product… I can’t afford the inventory so that I don’t have to front money… where does that leave this opportunity??? Where it started, in a bag in my living room floor… Well, at least it’s out of the box. 

I’m going into this adventure on faith… and I know I’m not the only one to go through this, but gosh, sometimes, I think… can I really keep pushing forward… it’s so frustrating… I know the girls’ are probably a little disappointed that I’m not just jumping out and hounding people for an initial party but that’s just not how I want to do things.  One of the other ladies, said that she didn’t go that route and she’s a director!  I don’t want to be what I feel is pushy… I’m just not okay with that.  I want to go at my own pace.  I expect to be successful but it will take time to get my weekly schedule structured around a MK schedule.  I know this… I’m motivated but I have some adjusting to make in order to fit things in… and I’m okay with that.

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