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25 things about me… 10/21/2009 fb

1. I’m hard to get along with… I do my own thing…
2. I’m not a big candy eater… I prefer salty…
3. I love open-minded people, I try to stay that way at all times…
4. I LOVE beach… and if I had the opportunity, I’d be headed back to FL, no question.
5. One day, I hope to be 40 and loving it. Children grown and ready for that next chapter.
6. I’m really not sure I believe in true love anymore… I think this last one really shattered that fairy tale for me.
7. Family is my most important thing… next comes my faith… maybe it should be reversed! :)
8. Owning my business is so wonderful! I wish I could fast-forward three years to see the growth I’ll have experienced.
9. My house is messy because I am busy but it doesn’t mean I enjoy it. I prefer things straightened and organized.
10. I am late, enough said… :)
11. I wake up thinking positive and end the day on the same note… :)
12. I am a go-getter… I will get there, I will reach my goals… on my schedule.
13. Lately, I want things more than ever before… Maybe I’ve hit my mid-life crisis… it can be a little counterproductive…
14. My friends are important to me.
15. Chocolate is my one true love… but I rarely eat it.
16. I am a huge procrastinator… I wish that I wasn’t.
17. I am a workaholic… but really I just need to pay the bills.
18. I can’t imagine my life differently, I’m happy with where we are but it’d be nice to have a partner…
19. I’m a little headstrong… I’m not sure anyone will put up with that… :)
20. I’ve gotten a little addicted to facebook… I’m not sure it’s healthy… but it has proven to be a decent way to stay connected…
21. I’m not a sports fan but I love attending any type of event…
22. I’m a people person but shy at first.
23. On the other hand, I’m better with one-on-one. That’s when people really get to know me. I’m not good at the group thing… I tend to stay quiet…
24. I love animals… I’m a sucker for them really… but I’m terrified of big dogs… even if it’s unreasonable… I wish I could control it.
25. OH MY GOSH, I gotta go… :) Breaktime is over… Last but not least, I LOVE MY CHILDREN! They are fantastic!

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