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my mom…. oct 24, 2006 10/26/2010 fb

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

missin her when i should be workin… it’s seems like it’s been much longer… what reminds me of my mom, you ask… only every single breath i take, every moment in the day, every time i look around…

when i see a mother/daughter couple (daughter older than me) wearing matching vests… i think, no i wouldn’t but i wish i had the option. i fight back tears but not because the shiny, matching vests are hideous…

when one of my 18-yr old coworkers complains about her mom and gets frustrated, i selfishly tearup and think… i’d love to fight with her again… she was quite annoying in our fights over her dog Muffin (many, many moons ago) or gosh even tori when she was a baby… we fought over her too… ;)

when someone says they went to visit their mom and they are twice my age… i think gosh… where is mine? oh yes, i know… right beside me.

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