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30 days… i have the time… :) stay tuned… DAY ONE: Something you hate about yourself 1/18/2011 fb

January 18, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m stubborn… I’m a procrastinator… I’m always right (I get that from my dad). Honestly, I don’t hate anything about who I am but there are some things I could work on. I hate that I’m addicted to soda (or like to pretend I’m addicted to alleviate responsibility for my careless behavior.

Shoot… let me start over… I hate that I overthink things a bit… I hate that I’m most certainly always late and continue to blame life… when it’s obviously poor planning… I hate that time hates me.

I hate that I’ve adjusted my schedule to getting sleepy at 11pm and now that I’ve read all of Melina’s notes I’m too sleepy to put thought into this one… SHOOT… :/

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