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tomorrow… the trip begins :)

tomorrow… i leave for a road trip with him.  my fave thing to do… and i get it exclusively with my favorite person in the world, excluding my children of course.

we have a busy week.  i have to work nearly every day…. but i will not take for granted the nights that we share.  i’m so excited to take this break from responsibility… i wish i could afford to go a little crazy…

on the list:

maryland crabs, his family cookout, six flags (terrifying roller coasters), jersey shore, camping, philly cheese steaks, NYC on a Fri night, delicious steak at Keen’s, a wedding… then home.

i’d say that’s enough.  i can’t wait to get going!  i wish i’d won the powerball so that i could have some silly spending money.  NYC on a budget of $50?  ick… that doesn’t work.  that’s okay.  i get paid Fri but i only still have less than $100 of expendable cash after bills.  oh well, someday i’ll come back… and i’ll really explore the way i’d like…. for now i’ll call it a sampling of my future travels. :)

i’m meeting his family.  i’m a little nervous.  mom’s don’t tend to realize how awesome i am right away.  but maybe she will.  hopefully, i love her.  i have this little void in my heart where my mom used to fit.  i’d love to fill that spot with a backup.  maybe this isn’t permanent, who knows… but i could really use a momma.  sometimes, it’d be really nice.  i really miss our late night chats.  hot tea and conversation.  honestly, a real friend would be nice.  like a girl, you know.  just someone that i can just depend on because they’re supposed to. because they want to.  because there’s nothing more important.

yeah, i’d say i’m a little broken, dismantled, in a disarray because of my past.  there’s just been a lot of turmoil in my life.  a huge mess.  a ton of crazy stuff that has been a lot to deal with… but i’ve made it through.  i’m pretty well-rounded, really.  it’s gonna be great.   i can’t wait!

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