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At risk.

I’m at risk. I’m making irrational decisions. I can’t focus. It’s overall pretty usual these days.
The job: I don’t care about it. I did. I don’t anymore. I’m not sorry that I’ve lost interest. I mean, if you don’t treat your employees right… What do you expect? Your most valuable asset is your team…. What could be more important than that?
My house: I’m unhappy with my living situation. In reality, sure it’s fine. I’m sure it’s as good as it could get. I’m unsettled. I get bent out of shape over stupid stuff. I’m the person that I used to be so annoyed about.
Joshua: I don’t see my boo often enough. Enough said. I’m just a mess.
Bills: I’m behind. As usual. I just can’t stay on track. Now I’m so far behind, I’m not sure how to fix it. It’s crazy.

So on southwest points I’m leaving. I’m leaving. Because I have to. I have no choice. I need to refocus. Spend some much needed family time. Come home. Start again. Make a plan. Get it together. I can do all of this. It’s not impossible.

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