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he said it… let’s start over. i want us to be close. truce.

February 11, 2014 Leave a comment

noun: truce; plural noun: truces

1. an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time.

that’s the thing… you can’t just call a truce… that’s not how it works. you have to agree with the other person that this is what you both want. i don’t want anything with you. nothing. not a new beginning… not a fresh start. i want nothing… honestly, i’d be happy if we just never were… but we have a small tie. the stupid phone bill. that’s it. i’m on your phone plan. i could change it, but i won’t. not right now.

i don’t care about your ‘friends’ who had sex with your brother. you’re an idiot. you took the best thing that ever happened to you and traded it in for that. for the freedom to keep toxic people in your life. good for you. that’s what you want… great. i want something more. i’ve shed you from my life. i don’t need anything from you. nothing.

i don’t even want you. i want nothing to do with you. don’t you get it?

i’m not even upset about it anymore. frankly, i just don’t fucking care. at all. i’m not interested. i’d rather build my business. grow my relationship with josh & tori. i’d rather reorganize and address issues in my life that are holding me back from the good stuff. i don’t need you getting defensive on me and acting like i give a shit about what you do… my life/purpose is bigger than that. i don’t spend a single second thinking about your happenings. i don’t care. i’m done with all of that. at one point, i cared… hello, we were dating… idiot. of course, i cared. but you smashed every remaining good feeling attached to your face. you’ll be lucky to ever even see me again.

there’s no chance that i’ll ever put myself in your path again. i can’t trust you. you’re a liar and a cheat. i don’t need/want that in my life.

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