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Opportunity knocks. I’m prepared.

When preparation meets opportunity. What would you do?
Accept the challenge. Consult with family. Make the decision.
It’s not easy. It won’t be the instant fix that I was hoping for. But is it the best thing for my family? Absolutely.
The worst part: I love my job right now. I love my rental option. It’s perfect. I love the growth my biz has seen. And aside from silly dating life. Things are sooo good. I love my girlfriends. They are so good to me. I love my bro and his family and we’re back on track. It’s so great.
But in the end. What’s the biggest hardship in my life. What’s my driver for success? Stupid money. It’s just a fact. I need to eliminate all expenses possible to afford this setup. My son’s school is expensive. It is. And it’s good for him. And he loves it. And he’s doing better. I couldn’t do it alone. I tried. It’s better for him. I wish it wasn’t. But the fact remains. It was and it is.
And I want to clear up my debt. I want start beating down my student loan debt. But not just work at it. Pay it off. I want/need to be debt-free. I want 10k in the bank.
I have financial goals that I just can’t meet at this time. Not this way. Sure I could keep going at it, bit by bit with my annual 3-5% cost of living raises.
But will that really get me to where we need to be before Josh graduates? No. It won’t.
But this will. It’s exciting, scary, etc. :)

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