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September 28, 2015 Leave a comment


A grandma 

A true empty nester 

Mom of a college student

Mom of a mom 

A sort of gf

A festival goer

A leader 

A traveler

A student loan payer 

Free of a car payment

I’m more then that really. I’m feeling almost whole. I’m a best friend. I’m a girlfriend. I’m a mom (my best job). I’m a controller at work. I’m good-hearted. I’m free in my decision making. I do what I want. I’m trying to put myself first but it is hard these days. 

I just spent another 5 days on me. I left Joshua at home. I left Victoria behind nearly due. It was fine. Joshua had to work. Tori has a family. But ugh the mom heart is not very forgiving. It doesn’t care about your reasons. Even when you’re doing it right, it manages to make you question yourself time & time again. It’s so hard. It’s the worst. But it’s absolutely what I should be doing. It’s time. 

I had fun. I love my friends. I love the music I heard. I enjoyed all of it. I stayed up late. I did a stupid beer bong for the first time. I failed at floppy cup. Miserably… Ha. I ignored work. I didn’t have service. I kept tabs on my babies as often as possible. It was great!  I feel renewed. 

I’m ready for grandbaby. Ready for work. Ready to continue to lead Joshua. 

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