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Invest in me. The promise. 

January 16, 2016 Leave a comment

He says: I think your presence in my life is a given not a option. 

I actually believe it. I never have ever felt this way before. I thought I had… before I met him. I thought for sure I’d been in love. But I haven’t. It happened exactly the way everyone said it would. 

It happened to me when I stopped believing just enough to leave myself open to the idea. 

It was the moment I met him. I knew. It’s ridiculous. It’s the stupid fairy tale stuff I’ve always wanted. 

In all reality, you never know when the story will change. But this very moment is wonderful. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more. He’s designed for me. I know with every piece of my body and heart. I don’t question his loyalty. I actually believe. 

This is my promise…

I promise to stay. 

I promise my loyalty. 

I promise my sacrifice. 

I promise my commitment. 

I promise my undying affections. 

I promise my support. 

I promise.  
I can’t believe the blessings that I’ve received this past year.  It feels like I’m finally reaching the part of my life that I can enjoy without hurt.  I finally am okay. I’ve prayed and prayed… And now I’m in the best spot. Who knows how long the roses will last… But I’ll enjoy the blessings of today. 
Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today. – One Day (movie with Anne Hathaway)

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