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i’m enough…. i’m not the best but i’m enough.

recently i answered a question to perspective bf type… and i thought i’d share my complete thought here.

‘never was anything great achieved without danger’ Niccolo Machiavelli

but really when you meet me in person, i said.  you have no chance.  i’m awesome.  and i know it. 

that was my text string to this potential mr wonderful. and i mean it, i mean every last word.  i’m not a 10 in looks.  i’m not rich.  i’m not perfect.  i don’t have everything together.  but here’s what i do have to offer.

  • i’m the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet
  • i give every single thing i’ve got. i’m all in.
  • i’m loyal.
  • i encourage.  i support.
  • i am sexy… and i know it. ;)
  • i am christian, every single day.
  • i am busy but i make time for those who make time for me.
  • i am family-oriented but i can get down if the need arises. i can fit in most anywhere.
  • i’m a talker… sometimes too much.


believe me, i have my faults.  a lot of them really.  but right here right now… i love me. 

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