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i envision this… is how my life could be 2013

December 8, 2012 Leave a comment

here i am… on the brink of discovery.  the brink of a new year.  better financial positioning.  smaller family at home.  more freedom.  more options.

i’m going to live small.  eliminate payments.  let go of the debt that i accumulated in all of the years of my struggle.  i want to be free of all of this.  bankruptcy… it’s not an easy choice but it’s my next move.  i have to.

this is what i look forward to enjoying this yr:

a trip a month.

a hobby. travel. dance lessons. trip(s) abroad. more devoted in my faith, involved in the salvation army. getting josh on track with athletic activities. savings setup (goal: 10k).

places on my list this yr:

Colorado Springs, CO, visit Amanda… maybe (spring)

Phoenix, AZ, visit Adrian (spring)

Atlanta, GA, visit Jillian (spring)

Los Angeles,CA, visit stepdad (summer)

Brodheadsville, PA, visit Christopher’s family (summer)

Canada, bf’s family annual trip (summer)

Dallas, TX, visit Tim & family (fall)

Jacksonville, AR, visit grandma & Beth/Vince (fall)

Lombard, IL, visit aunt & uncle/fave cousin (winter)

i want to take salsa & swing dancing lessons. i want to go on foodspotting trips.  i want to go on winery tours.  i want to visit my friend Dave in Toronto.

my key words this year are: stay.  stay in this shitty city that i hate because it’s best for Josh. explore.  do what i want for myself.  for once, i’ll enjoy some selfish wants. volunteer.  do for others.  i love it. i need it.  i used to make it a priority.

live better.  love easier.  grow farther.


tomorrow… the trip begins :)

August 16, 2012 Leave a comment

tomorrow… i leave for a road trip with him.  my fave thing to do… and i get it exclusively with my favorite person in the world, excluding my children of course.

we have a busy week.  i have to work nearly every day…. but i will not take for granted the nights that we share.  i’m so excited to take this break from responsibility… i wish i could afford to go a little crazy…

on the list:

maryland crabs, his family cookout, six flags (terrifying roller coasters), jersey shore, camping, philly cheese steaks, NYC on a Fri night, delicious steak at Keen’s, a wedding… then home.

i’d say that’s enough.  i can’t wait to get going!  i wish i’d won the powerball so that i could have some silly spending money.  NYC on a budget of $50?  ick… that doesn’t work.  that’s okay.  i get paid Fri but i only still have less than $100 of expendable cash after bills.  oh well, someday i’ll come back… and i’ll really explore the way i’d like…. for now i’ll call it a sampling of my future travels. :)

i’m meeting his family.  i’m a little nervous.  mom’s don’t tend to realize how awesome i am right away.  but maybe she will.  hopefully, i love her.  i have this little void in my heart where my mom used to fit.  i’d love to fill that spot with a backup.  maybe this isn’t permanent, who knows… but i could really use a momma.  sometimes, it’d be really nice.  i really miss our late night chats.  hot tea and conversation.  honestly, a real friend would be nice.  like a girl, you know.  just someone that i can just depend on because they’re supposed to. because they want to.  because there’s nothing more important.

yeah, i’d say i’m a little broken, dismantled, in a disarray because of my past.  there’s just been a lot of turmoil in my life.  a huge mess.  a ton of crazy stuff that has been a lot to deal with… but i’ve made it through.  i’m pretty well-rounded, really.  it’s gonna be great.   i can’t wait!

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things i want to do… and places i’d like to visit

things i want to do… and places i’d like to visit… to be revised regularly… :)

  • skydive
  • parasail
  • cooking classes
  • hiking excursions
  • mark up a map of all the places i’ve been, places to visit, abroad travels that i’d like
  • wine club membership
  • visit big name wineries in CA or other well-known places
  • explore the mountains
  • visit the 7 wonders
  • grand canyon
  • niagra falls
  • learn spanish and french (again) to speak fluently so i can travel abroad without worry
  • invest in a timeshare (maybe disney vacation club)

i’ll think of more later… time to get my work on…

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